Deeper Questions: Re-Defining Cover Versions!

Across music history, cover versions have been plentiful. Some are good. Some are decidedly not! Some are earnest and reverential of the source material. Some depart from it in order to shock, or take the piss. But some stand out from the crowd by completely re-defining the source material. They get us to completely re-assess Read more about Deeper Questions: Re-Defining Cover Versions![…]

Deeper Questions: Tearful Tuneage!

Music is sometimes at its best when it helps us make a connection to our own feelings about things, whatever those feelings happen to be. Maybe it has an impact on us because of the bottomless sorrow or indescribable joy as described by narrators in the song. It makes it easy to put ourselves in Read more about Deeper Questions: Tearful Tuneage![…]

Deeper Questions: Story Songs!

Sometimes, songs tell us the story of our own lives. Sometimes, they tell the stories of others. And in some cases, those two things even intersect. What are our favourite story songs? What is it about them that brings relatable themes forward, and even create a sense of empathy while wrapping everything in a beloved Read more about Deeper Questions: Story Songs![…]