6.1: Tom Waits – The Heart of Saturday Night (1974)

As is often the case with music, love can grow in increments. The Deeper Cuts trio touched on that in our discussion on Tom Waits’ Mule Variations album all the way back in Season Two when Shannon first saw the artist’s incendiary performance of “Chocolate Jesus” on Letterman. But even as listeners grow into a sound over time, artists themselves reveal something of their art through various stages of their careers, too. It was this phenomenon that struck Shannon when she heard 1974’s The Heart of Saturday Night, which presents Tom Waits in an earlier incarnation. The album revealed new depths and new perspectives for her on his work, solidifying her fandom for all time. But what were the impressions of her two cohorts? Did we all sidle up to the bar and knock a few back in celebration of the weekend, or did we get bogged down by the threat of Monday morning? Make with the clicking to find out, friends as we begin our sixth, yes that’s right, sixth season of Deeper Cuts.

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