6.3: Nick Heyward – North of a Miracle (1983)

There reaches a point in a young music fan’s life when they begin to detect the emotional complexities of the songs and albums they love. This usually corresponds with a capacity for sensing these things in real life between real people. One discovers that some things can seem happy on the surface, while being full Read more about 6.3: Nick Heyward – North of a Miracle (1983)[…]

6.2: Sarah McLachlan – Surfacing (1997)

We often find an attachment to certain music during times of emotional upheaval and loss. And it can be a double-edged blade. We love it and find it painful at the same time… because, hey, music is weird – and mysterious. For Graeme, the ending of a relationship led him to this exact place. Around Read more about 6.2: Sarah McLachlan – Surfacing (1997)[…]