4.4: Sade – Diamond Life (1984)

Remember record stores? Those magical places which seemingly contained all the music in the world? Rob remembers one such record store fondly — Cactus Records in Oakville — because it was there he encountered an album that he’d been interested in for years: Sade’s sophisiti-pop opus Diamond Life. How were Sade’s stylish sounds received by Read more about 4.4: Sade – Diamond Life (1984)[…]

4.1: Sting – …Nothing Like The Sun (1987)

Sometimes, you find yourself growing up. You realize that some of the things you believed and thought were solid in your life really aren’t – and in fact are even harmful to you. You find you have to question those things to create a new path for yourself. You’ve got to start again. This was Read more about 4.1: Sting – …Nothing Like The Sun (1987)[…]

Joe Jackson Night and Day Addendum: Steppin’ Out of a Comfort Zone

In episode seven of our podcast (which you can listen to right here!), we talked a lot about the expanding musical possibilities that Joe Jackson’s Night and Day album helped me discover beyond the borders of top forty pop. But in parallel, Joe Jackson himself was on a journey all of his own around the Read more about Joe Jackson Night and Day Addendum: Steppin’ Out of a Comfort Zone[…]

7: Joe Jackson – Night and Day (1982)

Have you ever felt a page of your life turn, moving from one chapter to another? It’s a common experience that can be tumultuous but also pretty exciting, too. During a time of transition for Rob, it was Joe Jackson’s 1982 album Night and Day that provided the soundtrack. It was what we term an Read more about 7: Joe Jackson – Night and Day (1982)[…]

1: Tears For Fears – The Hurting (1983)

Being a teenager is tough. We all have those albums that we went to for solace when we were slogging through our teen years that helped us to realize that we’re not alone in our awkward gloominess. Rob submits this one as his go-to teenage angst record; Tears For Fears’ 1983 debut album The Hurting. Read more about 1: Tears For Fears – The Hurting (1983)[…]