5.4: The Finn Brothers – Everyone Is Here

Being connected. Feeling surrounded by those who support you. It’s vital to happiness, particularly during life-altering events like the birth of a child, for instance. This was on Rob’s mind as he anticipated the arrival of a new daughter, and the feelings associated with being surrounded by an extended support system of soon-to-be aunties, uncles, Read more about 5.4: The Finn Brothers – Everyone Is Here[…]

4.5: Rufus Wainwright – Out of the Game (2012)

A year and a half in a new city. A raffle for concert tickets. The tail-end of a slowly declining and not very healthy relationship. It was a time when Shannon realized that things were coming to a head in that phase of her life. This was Shannon’s emotional context when she went to a Read more about 4.5: Rufus Wainwright – Out of the Game (2012)[…]

4.4: Sade – Diamond Life (1984)

Remember record stores? Those magical places which seemingly contained all the music in the world? Rob remembers one such record store fondly — Cactus Records in Oakville — because it was there he encountered an album that he’d been interested in for years: Sade’s sophisiti-pop opus Diamond Life. How were Sade’s stylish sounds received by Read more about 4.4: Sade – Diamond Life (1984)[…]

Deeper Questions: Duets That Do it!

As Marvin and Tammi once said, it takes two, baby. With that in mind, what duets and vocal blends from two singers are the pinnacle to the principle that sometimes, it takes two voices to really bring out the magic in a song? That’s this week’s Deeper Question, gentle readers. How did the Deeper Cuts Read more about Deeper Questions: Duets That Do it![…]