4.6: The Muppet Movie (Original Soundtrack) (1979)

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Why are there so many songs about rainbows? In this last episode of our fourth season, the Deeper Cuts trio indulge in some comfort listening, true to our well-established Muppet Agenda. This time, it revolves around the soundtrack album to 1979’s The Muppet Movie. Saving his money from a paper route, a young Graeme bought this, his first self-financed music purchase and, as much as he loved the movie, this soundtrack was a separate and equally worthy experience for him. Years later, what value remains to be found between the grooves of this platter that still matters? What are the impressions of Graeme’s fellow musical sojourners who also have a history in Muppet fandom? Join us in this, our season finale, and let’s get movin’ right along!

Our Spotify playlist has everything from this and the rest of this past season (plus our COVID Sessions earlier this year).

Special thanks, as ever, to Alex Kennard for our theme song, to Scot Clarke for our logo and ID graphics and to this season’s “Vox Pops”: Kim Rogers, Gordon Dymowski, Cory Funk, Petra Mayer, Sarah Friedman and Jason Kurylo.

SPECIAL ANNOUNCEMENT! We’ll be holding a Deeper Cuts Holiday Party live on Zoom on Saturday, November 21 at 3 p.m. (EST). We’ll be recording our 2020 Holiday Special in front of a live audience with special Q and A and much more. If you want to take part email us at holidayparty@deepercuts.com

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