6.2: Sarah McLachlan – Surfacing (1997)

We often find an attachment to certain music during times of emotional upheaval and loss. And it can be a double-edged blade. We love it and find it painful at the same time… because, hey, music is weird – and mysterious. For Graeme, the ending of a relationship led him to this exact place. Around that time, Sarah McLachlan’s 1997 record Surfacing was his soundtrack – not just on his personal stereo, but with the music playing as a musical accompaniment in his head as he navigated his way through a painful period.

Join Graeme, Shannon and Rob as they ask: what makes a great break-up record anyway? Is there a way to reconcile an album we associate with emotionally harrowing times to just appreciate it over time as great music? Overall, what did the Deeper Cuts trio think of this record as a whole? Did it breach the surface for us, or did it sink to the bottom? You know what to do to find out!

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