6.3: Nick Heyward – North of a Miracle (1983)

There reaches a point in a young music fan’s life when they begin to detect the emotional complexities of the songs and albums they love. This usually corresponds with a capacity for sensing these things in real life between real people. One discovers that some things can seem happy on the surface, while being full of tumult and struggle underneath. Nick Heyward’s 1983 debut record North of a Miracle was the key example for Rob when he was 14 and going on 15. It also provided the soundtrack for what followed in his own life as things changed dramatically in his household at the time.

How does that happy/sad dynamic in the music read for him today? How does this dynamic play in general when one is feeling down or in a period of uncertainty? Most of all what did Rob’s co-hosts think of the album? Was it a guiding north star to musical bliss? Or did it go south fast? Get with the clickity-click to discover the answer.

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