6.5: Age of Mirrors – Screenplay (1987)

When you find out your friend is in a band and has made a record, it’s like finding out that they’re a practicing wizard, a superhero, or secret agent. It often turns music fans/friends into evangelists – “Everyone! Listen to what my friend made!” In the heady days when melancholic northern new wave roamed the earth, Graeme’s friend Bob, alias “Simon DeBeaupre”, along with his bandmates in Age of Mirrors put out 1987’s Screenplay. Graeme made sure we all had a copy. He’s still making sure of that by way of this episode of our show – thirty-five years later!

So, all these years later, how do the songs carry? What about the personal connections to the music? Do they skew the results as to how listeners judge its quality? Overall, what does the Deeper Cuts Trio think about this album? Does this record scale the cinematic heights? Or does the plot fall flat? Jump on that play button to find out.

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In the episode Graeme talked about having a signed, limited edition copy of Screenplay. Here’s some photos of Graeme with that copy (which, naturally, is the first of 30!)

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