Deeper Questions: Favourite TV Theme Songs!

Television is more than just a visual medium. Some of the best music we remember comes from the opening songs and themes to our favourite TV shows. Some are cheesy. Some are very catchy. Some are both! So, which TV theme songs do the Deeper Cuts Trio love to this day? Since all three are Read more about Deeper Questions: Favourite TV Theme Songs![…]

Deeper Questions: Foreign Language Favourites!

They say that music is the international language. Sometimes, melodies, tones, and atmospheres that music can create can transcend everything even if the lyrics are in another language. That’s this week’s Deeper Question, Deeper Cuts fans: What piece of music, song, or even whole album had immediate impact even when delivered in a language that Read more about Deeper Questions: Foreign Language Favourites![…]

Deeper Questions: Defiantly Happy Songs

In these dark days of political upheaval and world-class asshattery at the very top tiers of power, we all want to accentuate the positive. So, what songs make us look up from our shoes, and tell us to quit our mopin’? That’s the Deeper Question of the week: defiantly happy songs. It’s those tunes that Read more about Deeper Questions: Defiantly Happy Songs[…]