6.6: Steely Dan – Can’t Buy a Thrill (1972)

What grabs you as a kid listening to songs on the radio may still grab you as an adult… but the nuances often come out after you’ve had years to process them, all informed by life experience. This was true for Rob and Steely Dan’s 1972 debut record Can’t Buy a Thrill. It was an album he immersed himself in his twenties during his first flush of CD buying. But as a little kid, the big radio singles sounded weird and even terrifying – and sometimes hilarious – to him. So, what’s the real identity of the music beyond what listeners hear in it wherever they are in their lives? It’s a big question.

Of course, as always, music is weird, with a lot of it splitting rooms and creating friction among otherwise friendly discussions between music fans. Does that play out here among the Deeper Cuts trio? Where do they stand on the Steely Dan divide? Where do musical expectations come into this discussion of how we hear music from one point in our lives to another? And what of this album, specifically? Is it a thrill? Or do the Deeper Cuts Trio not buy it? Not going to click to find out? C’mon. Only a fool would say that (just kidding, please click).

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This year’s “Vox Pops” heard at the start of every episode included Michael Powell (6.1), Joy Piedmont (6.2), Francis Bradley (6.3), Lacy Baugher-Milas (6.4), Jen Burt (6.5) and Jay Wilson (6.6).

Deeper Cuts will return. Thanks for listening.

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