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About Deeper Cuts

Deep dives into albums with deep meaning

Everyone has an album that was important to them at some time in their life for different reasons. Everyone has albums that were special to them at different times in their life. It was the album they played all the time in college, or the album they listened to incessantly when they were in love with someone, or the album they danced to as a five year old. Deeper Cuts brings together three people to listen to those albums and discuss them.

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Deeper Cuts is brought to you by...

Graeme Burk

Graeme is author of several books about the TV series Doctor Who and host and co-producer of a Doctor Who podcast Reality Bomb. He loves talking about music even though he’s not a musician.

Rob Jones

Rob is a music critic and writer of the music blog The Delete Bin. He co-hosted the Beatles podcast A Year With the Beatles. He listened to jazz as a teenager and lived to tell the tale.

Shannon Dohar

Shannon is the co-host of the podcast about Broadway musicals, So Much Stuff to Sing. She is also a regular contributor to and the Doctor Who podcast Reality Bomb and the literary podcast Door Stop. She loves lyrics and music in about that order.