2.8: Charles Mingus – Mingus Ah Um (1959)

Music doesn’t always make it easy on you. It often challenges you. It shocks you. It confuses you. And through that, it makes you hear other music differently after a journey down a twisty path leading you through unfamiliar cultural and artistic territory to destinations you didn’t anticipate. Soon, you find yourself both challenged and delighted, too. That’s what Charles Mingus’ classic 1959 LP Mingus Ah Um did for Rob as a young jazz fan. What lessons did he take from it? What do his bandmates in the Deeper Cuts trio think of the record? What journeys did they find themselves on? Put on your porkpie hats and find out, dear listeners.

Our Spotify playlist has all the songs from this album. Each week, we’ve been adding all the other albums we’ve covered this season to it as well, so check it out!

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