2.7: Nanci Griffith – Flyer (1994)

Moving on. We all find ourselves at the end of one era of our lives and with a new one ahead of us. It can be exciting. It can be sad. It can be both at the same time. Sometimes, it happens when you’re a kid, and there’s a feeling of helplessness attached to leaving a place and a time behind you. That’s what Shannon experienced at one point as a child. It was Nanci Griffith’s 1994 record Flyer that provided the soundtrack during a time when life in one place was ending, and one in a new place loomed on the horizon ahead. How does the record resonate with her now with that state of things in mind? What did the Deeper Cuts trio think of the record and its themes, with many songs touching on what it is to be in motion through a series of endings and beginnings? Get your ears ready, kids, and prepare for take-off.

Our Spotify playlist has all the songs from this album. Each week, we’ve been adding all the other albums we’ve covered this season to it as well, so check it out!

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