2.5: OK Go – Of the Blue Colour of the Sky (2010)

The comfort album: in times of trial, it offers just the right song to make things bearable. It give us lyrics that speak directly to us when we’re most in need. They make us feel less alone, and remind us that “this too shall pass” – sometimes very literally. That was Graeme’s predicament at one point. And it was OK Go’s 2010 record Of The Blue Colour of the Sky that provided the aural comfort food he needed to get through. What did the Deeper Cuts trio think of the album, though? What surprises lay in store, musically and thematically speaking? What layers of meaning did Graeme find in listening to the record these many years later? Delve in deeply with us, kids into own our little Rube Goldberg machine of an episode that reveals the healing power of a pop music.

Our Spotify playlist has all the songs from this album. Each week, we’ll add the other albums we cover this season to it as well, so check it out!

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