Deeper Cuts Season 5 begins November 4

It’s been a long time away but we’re back!

Deeper Cuts, the podcast that takes deep dives into albums with deep meaning is back for a fifth season starting tomorrow, Thursday, November 4 with subsequent episodes dropping on Thursdays during November and December.

This eight-episode season finds hosts Shannon Dohar, Graeme Burk and Rob Jones once again exploring an album that was of significance to one of them. This season we’ll explore albums that create a sense of romance and albums that helped mark a newfound sense of independence. We’ll be talking about what makes a good dance record, how music shapes our values, what it’s like to come back to an album that defined your life when you’ve become a different person and much more! As ever, we’re crossing the whole spectrum of musical genres including synthpop, jazz, folk, hip-hop and even 1980s contemporary Christian rock. It’s the most diverse music mix you’ll encounter this year!

You can catch up on past seasons of Deeper Cuts on Apple Podcasts or anywhere were you get podcasts. You can follow the hosts Rob Jones (@clippernolan), Shannon Dohar (@sdohar) and Graeme Burk (@graemeburk) on Twitter or follow the show @deepercutscast

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