5.1: A-ha – Hunting High & Low (1985)

Some records become the soundtrack for pivotal periods of self-discovery in our lives, even if we’re not aware of the importance of those times to our personal development – maybe even especially so. In the summer of 1987, Rob took a trip to Barbados to stay with his cousin. Driving around the island, A-Ha’s 1985 album Hunting High and Low played in the car often; music from a northern and sometimes wintry country serving as a sonic backdrop to adventures in the sunny Caribbean. More importantly, its underlying tone and emotional content allowed 18-year-old Rob the space to consider his direction, his values, and what type of person he wanted to be. All these years later, how does the music resonate with him and with his Deeper Cuts co-hosts? Join Shannon, Rob and Graeme as they embark on Deeper Cuts’ fifth season and consider this example of danceable synthpop at its finest: does the sun always shine on this record? Or are we hunting high and low for the exits?

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