5.3: Van Morrison – Poetic Champions Compose (1987)

Romance! Everyone has an idea of what it means to them. It is certainly attached to intense emotional states, especially when we’re young. By the late eighties, Graeme was in college in doing content creation in a time before podcasts – this time as co-editor of the school newspaper. It was there that his fellow editor turned him onto the finer things in literature and in music – including Van Morrison’s Poetic Champions Compose. The record spoke to Graeme in his earnest romantic state of mind during a time when he was trying to find his way through the briar patch of youthful infatuation. It was also Graeme’s intro to jazzier textures within pop music that provided his soundtrack by which to feel things – deeply. So, what did the Deeper Cuts trio think of this record? Did we fall in love hard? Or, did this album make us forget that love existed?

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