Holiday Special 2018

Happy holidays, Deeper Cuts fans! In anticipation for our upcoming third season, we have the 2018 edition of our holiday episode. This time, the Deeper Cuts trio gather around the yuletide tree to exchange gifts to celebrate the season. What gifts are we exchanging? Music, of course. Each of us gave another of our group a musical gift; an album each chosen specifically for Graeme, Shannon, and Rob based on their tastes, and wrapped up in a bow. What albums are we talking about here? Do our gifts to each other light up the Christmas tree? Or do they pour water on the yuletide hearth? Find out right now. And once again – happy holidays!

Our Spotify playlist has all the songs from the albums in our little gift exchange, as well as all albums we covered in season two of Deeper Cuts, so check it out!

Lord willing that the creek don’t rise, we’ll have season three of Deeper Cuts out starting toward the end of February 2018 (there was a slight delay, but it will be worth it!) As ever, you can stay connected to us on our twitter feed at @deepercutscast and visit our website at for regular updates.

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