3.6: ABBA – Super Trouper (1980)

Home. What does it mean? What associations do people commonly hold about what their home means to them? How can music help to tie us to home, especially when one is far from it and missing it? When Graeme went to a military school at the age of 12, ABBA’s penultimate 1980 album Super Trouper helped him to keep his feet on the ground while he was regularly apart from his family. How did this record help Graeme during this trying period to make that connection? What is it about this record that brought him joy then, and what is it about it that does the same today? How does music help us keep, or gain, a sense of home? And what did the other members of the Deeper Cuts trio think of Sweden’s greatest contribution to pop music? We can face it together the way old friends do, dear listeners! Tune in to this last episode of the third(!) season of the Deeper Cuts podcast and bop (and a half!) along with us!

Don’t forget to check out our Spotify Playlist for Season 3 which has all the songs on this album and most of the other albums you’ heard this season as well.

Special thanks, as ever, to Alex Kennard for our theme song, to Scot Clarke for our logo and ID graphics and to this season’s “vox pops” Mark Askwith, Aileen Page, John O’Connor, Heather Murray, Drew Walko and Heather Berberet. We’ll be back for season four sometime in the near future. Thank you for the music!

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