3.4: Green Day – American Idiot (2004)

Rebellion. Anger. Even disillusionment. These are only some of what makes up the human experience. This may be even more pertinent during our youth, and when times of great turmoil are reflected in the headlines, and in the lives of the people we know. It could also be just about the drudgery of our existences, and the feeling that we need to get the hell out and find something new! It all makes us want to cry out in protest and demand a better life for ourselves and for everyone in the world along with us. Green Day’s 2004 record American Idiot provided the soundtrack for Shannon’s teenage years, during a time when 9/11 was still a fresh wound, and when George W. Bush secured a second term. What does the Deeper Cuts trio make of this record full of rage and love in 2019? And how does music help us protest? Welcome to this new kind of tension all across the alien nation in this episode that’s all about anger and protest, and the art that helps us express it best.

Don’t forget to check out our Spotify Playlist for Season 3 which has all the songs on this album and most of the other albums you’ll hear this season as well. 

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