3.3: Mavis Staples – Have a Little Faith (2004)

The world can be a place of trouble and darkness. But in that darkness, there is hope to be found if one is open to doing so. That was just the message that Rob needed as grim world events were coming to a head and as the call to fatherhood to a baby daughter beckoned him at the same time, fears, doubts and all. It was former Staples Singer, soul proponent, and civil rights-era voice of hope Mavis Staples’ 2004 album Have A Little Faith that provided a pathway into the next phase of his life as a dad. Among all of the blues, soul, gospel and folk textures to be found on the record, and with the themes of spiritual and sociopolitical struggles intertwining, how did it resonate with the group? What were some of the reactions to Mavis’ call to step into the light? Can we get a witness, good people?

Don’t forget to check out our Spotify Playlist for Season 3 which has all the songs on this album and most of the other albums you’ll hear this season as well.

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