The Live Sessions 1: James Brown – Live at the Apollo (1963)

Welcome to Deeper Cuts: The Live Sessions – a three-episode miniseries which finds the Deeper Cuts trio looking at the live music albums that were meaningful to them, and pondering what makes a great live album.

There are wake-up calls and there are WAKE UP! calls. When Rob was growing up, his Dad’s copy of James Brown and the Famous Flames’ Live at the Apollo record was one of those… and in more than one respect. For Rob, one form was literal, while another form took hold over a much longer term, helping to shape his musical outlook for all time.

In this first of three episodes of Deeper Cuts: The Live Sessions, Rob, Shannon and Graeme talk about what makes a great live record with this one as something of a gold standard. We’ll talk about what the dynamics between artist and audience mean to how well they work, the value of an album as a “souvenir” of a concert in a particular time and plance, and of course what the significance of such albums are to us as music fans and as people.

So – are you ready for Star Time? If so, the stage awaits!

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