The Soundtrack Sessions 2: High Fidelity (2000)

Welcome to Deeper Cuts: The Soundtrack Sessions – a three-episode miniseries which finds the Deeper Cuts trio looking at the the intersection between film and music while looking at albums that were meaningful to one of them.

When favourite films and favourite soundtracks converge at exactly the right time in our lives, magic happens! In Shannon’s case, this was also a time when she worked in a video store with her fellow movie and music tastemakers among the all-female staff, so she had the additional joy of reveling in pop culture banter at the retail level, experiencing geek wisdom, and a sense of coolness and belonging. A freshman in high school at the time, the High Fidelity movie and its accompanying soundtrack provided young Shannon with her very own mixtape to an impressionable time and helped create a kind of affinity with the characters in the movie, with their sense of taste, style, and expression – snark and snobbery included. But what did Graeme and Rob make of the High Fidelity soundtrack as a listening experience? Did they ring it up at the till, or banish it to the mall? Explore the answer here in our second episode in the Deeper Cuts soundtrack mini-series!

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