The Soundtrack Sessions 1: Prince – Batman (1989)

Welcome to Deeper Cuts: The Soundtrack Sessions – a three-episode miniseries which finds the Deeper Cuts trio looking at the the intersection between film and music while looking at albums that were meaningful to one of them.

Some years really stand out as landmarks in our lives. The summer of 1989 was one such year for Rob (and for Graeme): a “crossfade year” which was both the end to an era and the beginning of another all at the same time. This was Rob’s gap year, working his first full time job at a bookstore and with the possibilities of the future an open frontier ahead of him. It was a last hurrah as the embers of teenage-hood faded. It was also the year of Tim Burton’s Batman movie. Prince’s soundtrack to that movie became a soundtrack for that whole summer when Rob and Graeme were all so young and hopeful for the future. What of the music after all these years? What does Shannon make of this nostalgic trip? What does Graeme remember about that summer? When it comes to this record, are we partying in Wayne Manor or languishing in Arkham Asylum?

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