9: Supertramp – Breakfast In America (1979)

Pop music; we all have to start somewhere. For Graeme, pop music was a big part of his journey as a pre-teen, skipping a grade in school and finding himself surrounded by the monstrous reality known as Junior High School. During that time of awkwardness and alienation, it was Supertramp’s massively popular 1979 album Breakfast in America that made him happy and gave him solace. It was his starting point to music he could call his own. In episode 9 — the final episode of this first season of Deeper Cuts — we talk about pop music starter albums and what makes a good one. We talk about the dreaded middle of the road, and there are a few differences of opinion along the way, as you’d expect from music fans. And we re-discover the importance of a vital mantra; like what you like, friends! Take the logical step, and listen in now!

Listen now!

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