Deeper Cuts Spotify Playlist: Week Eight

You might think all of us at Deeper Cuts have gone Hollywood with this week’s Spotify playlist. It’s only logical that you feel this way. But we don’t think you’ll be saying goodbye stranger to Supertramp’s Breakfast in America anytime soon. I mean, oh darling, if you ask Graeme there hasn’t been a better album from the 1970s. He would even take the long way home listening to it on a Walkman, the original version that was big and chunky and you got it home from Sears with all the paper route money you saved for it, wondering “Lord, is it mine?” On the other hand, if you’re Rob or Shannon, you might be just another nervous wreck listening to this album. Just listen to their casual conversations about it on this week’s episode. But Graeme is undeterred, because he thinks if you love this album, you’re a child of vision. Give this week’s Spotify playlist a listen. You might agree.


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