4.5: Rufus Wainwright – Out of the Game (2012)

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A year and a half in a new city. A raffle for concert tickets. The tail-end of a slowly declining and not very healthy relationship. It was a time when Shannon realized that things were coming to a head in that phase of her life. This was Shannon’s emotional context when she went to a concert as a part of the PBS series The Artist’s Den and saw Rufus Wainwright for the first time. Rufus was singing songs from his then new album, 2012’s Out of the Game and the music, and the artist, attached themselves to Shannon’s spirit as she underwent a life-changing metamorphosis that marked the beginning of her real time in New York City. How can music help us to move forward in our lives? And what do her fellow Deeper Cuts trio members have to say about the record? Are they going to welcome it to the ball, or are we all going to cry bitter tears instead? Pull up a pew, have a seat, and explore those questions, among others, along with us.

You can listen to everything on this album, everything in this season of Deeper Cuts and indeed everything from our COVID sessions earlier this year by checking out our Spotify playlist.

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