5.5: Steve Taylor – On The Fritz (1985)

When one is at a young age, the way isn’t always as straightforward as we initially think. This is true of the subcultures, ideology and even faith communities we find ourselves in. But what remains after we find ourselves on a different path years later? How do those lessons we picked up from a bygone age play now? They remain with us perhaps just as unexpectedly, even when we’ve become completely different people years down the line. Steve Taylor’s 1985 album On the Fritz, an example of the emerging movement of Christian Contemporary Music in 1980s, was an artifact from a different era for Graeme, when he was a very different person. What drew his interest in the music when he first heard it as a 14-year old member of the Evangelical church? And how did he respond to the songs on the album today now that he’s left that subculture far behind? More importantly, how did his two Deeper Cuts colleagues react to the record? Was it a come to Jesus moment? Or was it more like a Miltonian fall from grace?

Alas, On The Fritz is out of print (though you can find the album to listen to on on YouTube). Our Spotify Playlist covers the rest of the albums covered in this season, as well as our Soundtrack Sessions from a few months ago. And don’t forget to talk to us on Twitter (@deepercutscast) and to rate and review us wherever you get your podcasts!

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