5.6: Hamilton Original Broadway Cast Recording (2015) (Part One)

How can art shape our very identities? How can it give us a sense of direction from the people we are to the people we want to be – shaping our very values? Shannon adopted the city of New York as her home, and many of her album selections for this show across multiple seasons demonstrate her love for the city as she made memories there and became an independent and more confident person. But with the 2015 musical Hamilton, New York loved her right back, and the production transformed her. What was it about this grand and unique production that resonated with her to such a degree? How did it change her perceptions of her surroundings, her city, her values as a human being? And how did her two co-hosts respond to a musical that inspired one of the only rules for album selection on Deeper Cuts? Will we raise the glass to the three of us? Or will we throw away our shot? Check out this episode and find out.

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