5.7: Hamilton Original Broadway Cast Recording (2015) (Part Two)

In part two of our exploration of the 2015 soundtrack to the musical Hamilton, the Deeper Cuts trio continue their discussion of the resonant themes in the musical that helped Shannon become the person she wanted to be and how music can help us set our values. We also talk about what Hamilton has to say about American history and the musical’s use of references to other works. For this finale episode to the fifth series of the Deeper Cuts, Shannon, Graeme and Rob throw in everything but the kitchen sink (and possibly even that). Will we find a way to say no to this? Or will this episode still be the room where it happens? Join us and listen in to the discussion.

You can listen to our Spotify Playlist, which covers just about every album in season five, as well as our Soundtrack Sessions from a few months ago. Also, don’t forget to talk to us on Twitter (@deepercutscast) and to rate and review us wherever you get your podcasts!

Special thanks to Alex Kennard for our theme song and Scot Clarke for our logo and ID graphics.

This year’s “Vox Pops” heard at the start of every episode included Dan Speerin (5.1), Tammy Cunningham (5.2), Erik Stadnik (5.4), Julie Hopkins (5.5), KatyBeth Schmid (5.6) and Nick Abadzis (5.7). Thanks to those wonderful people for helping out. The opening to 5.3 was a reprise of the one heard in episode 4.4, which featured NPR’s Petra Mayer, who died this past November and who we all miss.

Come back in a couple of days for our 2021 holiday episode! And we’ll be back with more Deeper Cuts in 2022.

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