Deeper Cuts season 3 debuts February 19th!

It’s been a while, but we’re back! Deeper Cuts, the podcast offering deep dives into albums with deep meaning returns for its third season starting on Tuesday, February 19th with subsequent episodes dropping on Tuesday throughout February and March.

This six-episode season will include, as you might expect, albums that from across the musical spectrum from electronic music to boy bands to inspirational music to punk agitprop to MOR and much more.

As ever, each album has a personal story to one of the hosts, Graeme Burk, Shannon Dohar and Rob Jones, and often explore themes of how music connects with people. This season’s themes include the political protest album, your first pop album, music in times of trouble and much more.

Catch up on season one and two of Deeper Cuts on iTunes or anywhere were you get podcasts. You can follow the hosts Rob Jones (@clippernolan), Shannon Dohar (@sdohar) and Graeme Burk (@graemeburk) on twitter or follow the show @deepercutscast,

Hit it!

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