Deeper Cuts returns June 5th!

The podcast that offers deep dives into albums with deep meaning returns for a second season starting this June!

Recording has begun for season two of Deeper Cuts. Hosts Graeme Burk, Shannon Dohar and Rob Jones are back discussing albums that mean something to one of them and pondering some of the universal themes that come with listening to music.

Albums being discussed this season cover a wide range of genres including hip-hop, folk, MOR pop, blues, experimental music, jazz among others—just so long as it has a personal connection. Themes covered this season include how albums find you, albums your parents listened to, comfort food albums and much more.

The new season of Deeper Cuts debuts Tuesday June 5, with subsequent episodes dropping on Tuesdays throughout June and July.

Catch up on season one of Deeper Cuts on iTunes or anywhere were you get podcasts. You can follow the hosts Rob Jones (@clippernolan), Shannon Dohar (@sdohar) and Graeme Burk (@graemeburk) on twitter or follow the show @deepercutscast,


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