Holiday Special 2022

Twas two weeks before Christmas (a little bit less) and all through the podcast, Shannon, Graeme and Rob were receiving holiday presents… from our listeners! That’s right, this year we’ve outsourced our traditional gift exchange. Listeners Martin Hajovsky, Drew Walco and Sarah Irvin have given Graeme, Shannon and Rob respectively albums that they like. Will the Deeper Cuts trio have a holly jolly Christmas with the listener gifts? Or will they be like the abominable snowman before Hermey the Elf’s dentistry? As ever, we liven up the proceedings with questions about music and making the show from even more of our faithful listeners.

Grab yourself an egg nog and enjoy the music of this special on our Spotify Playlist, which covers all the albums gifted here, as well as all the albums in our Live Sessions. Also, don’t forget to talk to us on Twitter (@deepercutscast) and to rate and review us wherever you get your podcasts!

Special thanks to Andrea Burk for the “Vox Pop” at the start of the episode.

Deeper Cuts will be back with Season 6 on January 10, 2023!

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