2.3: Anne Murray – Let’s Keep It That Way (1978)

Your parents’ music. It can shape your own taste in various capacities. Or it can give you something to rebel against. Sometimes, it can be both. Either way, the music your parents put on when you were a kid isn’t just a soundtrack to your childhood; it’s a part of the tapestry of their personalities, of what they value. And that in turn helps to tell you something about yourself, as well. These threads are a part of Graeme’s connection to Anne Murray’s 1978 record Let’s Keep It That Way, an album bought by has parents on the basis of “as seen on TV”. But, what did the Deeper Cuts trio think of this album and its unbridled excursion into MOR country pop, as well as (on many levels!) into Canadian passive aggression, albeit an affectionate one? There’s only one way to find out, kids: have a listen!

Our Spotify playlist has all the songs from this album. Each week, we’ll add the other albums we cover this season to it as well, so check it out!

4 thoughts on “2.3: Anne Murray – Let’s Keep It That Way (1978)

  • I grew up in a house completely devoid of Anne Murray records, but the number of times I thought, “oh yeah, I know this song,” is a sure sign of just how ubiquitous she was in the late ’70s. And how did a discussion of her hit cover versions manage to omit “Danny’s Song”? That record was EVERYWHERE.

  • I’m gonna be honest… I hadn’t realized in 40 or so years that “Danny’s Song” was a cover! I don’t think I’ve ever heard the Kenny Loggins version, or if I did I thought *it* was a cover of the Anne Murray version!

  • I love Anne Murray’s songs… Shadows in the Moonlight, Danny’s Song and Snowbird… first time I heard Snowbird, my dad was driving his 61 Ford down Trafalgar Rd. he loved that song too.. He was also from Nova Scotia so, he felt a connection with Anne as well… beautiful songs from the heart… Thanks for sharing Rob! xo

  • Hello Graeme, Shannon and Rob.

    I hope that this email finds you all in good health and enjoying the summer. I just listened to your episode on Anne Murray Let’s Keep It That Way and I had a funny thought.

    I work nights, mostly alone with podcasts keeping my thoughts at bay but just when Graeme was going to mention what else we should listen to my brain decided to group the words together in an odd way.

    For some reason I heard it as

    “Anne Murray Suicide Mission, HO!”

    This is obviously a cover album of war songs.

    For example:

    The hero of Canton
    Gung Ho
    Sink the Bismarck
    The ballad of the Green Berets
    The Battle of New Orleans
    The Ballad of Serenity

    Anyways just being silly, love the podcast.
    Keep flying.

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